Samsung’s Next Galaxy Watch Could Bring Back the ‘Classic’ Rotating Bezel


According to recent leaks, Samsung may be reintroducing the iconic ‘Classic’ rotating bezel in its upcoming Galaxy Watch 6. Reliable leaker OnLeaks has provided renders of the smartwatch to MySmartPrice, suggesting that Samsung’s next iteration will feature a design reminiscent of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the most recent model in the “Classic” series.

The leaked renders showcase a circular display and a rotating bezel, closely resembling the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The previous model was available in 42mm and 45mm stainless steel cases, and it appears that the new device will maintain a similar design philosophy with its brushed metal exterior.

Previous rumors from Galaxy leaker SuperRoader also hinted at the return of the physical bezel and the possibility of two different-sized versions. The rotating bezel allows users to navigate through menu options without relying solely on touch controls, similar to the digital crown on an Apple Watch. Many users missed this tactile feature in the latest version of the Galaxy Watch, making its potential return a highly anticipated development.

In the previous update, Samsung decided to transition from the Galaxy Watch Classic series to a “Pro” version, resulting in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. While the Pro model did feature pronounced bezels, they did not physically rotate but instead offered virtual bezel functionality through gesture controls. This disappointed some fans who preferred the traditional rotating bezel. However, it seems that Samsung has listened to user feedback and opted to return to the original design, although the new model may be larger than its predecessor. There have been rumors suggesting that the Classic watch could be released in two different sizes to accommodate users who weren’t satisfied with the lone 45mm casing of the Pro version.

The renders also indicate that the bezels will be raised above the screen, accompanied by prominent buttons on the right side of the device, potentially offering additional clickable navigation options. The all-black design seen in the renders is complemented by a magnetic wristband, maintaining consistency with the Watch 5 Pro. While the bottom sensor appears largely unchanged from the previous model, it remains to be seen if any improvements have been made to enhance comfort during wear. Details regarding any changes in watch-to-skin contact, including the promised temperature sensor, are still unclear and eagerly awaited by enthusiasts.

As for features, information is still limited. Recent reports from SamMobile suggest that the Galaxy Watch 6 will include higher-resolution screens and advanced health tracking features such as heart rate analysis and a barometer. There are also rumors of a slightly larger 425mAh battery compared to the Watch 5 and an upgraded Exynos W980 processor. However, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by official sources.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic at its Galaxy Unpacked event in August. With increasing competition in the foldables market from companies like Google and Oppo, Samsung might also take the opportunity to announce new devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the coming months. Stay tuned for further updates as we eagerly await Samsung’s official announcements.

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